Arrow Season 3

Oh man Arrow season 3 looks great from the trailer alone. It looks like the focus of season 3 will be Oliver trying to get back his company after it was taken from him in Season 2 and on the flashback side the small time he spents off the Island that was hinted at back in Season 1. Things don’t appear to be easy for Oliver getting back Queen Consolidated as there is another bidder a one Ray Palmer. I’m excited and I cant wait to see what they do with Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom. Hopefully they do a little better then what they did to Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev which I kind of felt like they wasted for small chunk of season 2.

Meanwhile on the flashback side of things it looks as though Oliver will have no choice but to work for Amanda Waller in Hong Kong. I can only assume that Oliver will spend a lot of time trying to escape from Amanda and probably by the end of Season 3 flashbacks he will find himself dumped back on Lian Yu as some sort of punishment. No doubt during this time period Oliver will somehow learn more about the list he had back in Season 1 that will of course make him take on the names on said list.

It appears Starling City will be renamed to Star City going by one screenshot of the trailer. I’m also hoping that this season The Arrow will finally get renamed to Green Arrow but I wont be surprised if he just remains The Arrow for a little while longer.

So the big reveal in the slightly longer version of the trailer is that Ra’s Al Ghul will be making an appearance. I’ve heard he will be the big bad for Season 3 which is cool but I do worry it might make this show too much like Batman. Which isn’t a bad thing as Batman is awesome but this is meant to be Green Arrow’s show. I felt like Season 2 could of pretty much been a Batman show in certain areas including how Arrow’s support crew is setup.

Anyway I cant wait to see the show return in October and how it will crossover into The Flash.



So I now hear NBC are telling people that they have faith in Hannibal and they’re confused about the low ratings. Hmmmm… am I the only one who expects NBC will come out saying that they plan to move the show to a Saturday night “to boost ratings”?

Because I watched “Episodes” so I kind of know what that really means if they actually do that. Granted I don’t actually know if they plan to do that but when you make a statement like that it normally means alarm bells for a show’s future.

Dam that was quick!

Well….that didn’t take long now did it? You might be wondering what on earth I’m on about and that is FOX has already cancelled their mid-season show Hieroglyph after…zero episodes airing.

Now I must admit I remember seeing the trailer for this show but not really finding anything that I liked about it but I thought it would be one of those shows that other people would like and thus it would go on for a few episodes before anything happened to it one way or another. However FOX have decided that they weren’t happy with the current state that the story was in and instead of trying to fix it they decided to cancel it outright.

This reminds me what they did with the Gavin and Stacey remake Us & Them. Granted I was kind of with them on that last year as I love the original series and I didn’t really like anything from that trailer either, plus I never felt like they cast the right people for Nessa and Smithy. That and I didn’t think the jokes that worked so well in the original would translate well to the American audience. And finally it really should of been New York and Canada rather then New York and Pennsylvania.

Anyway I’ve gone off track here what I was trying to say was like Us & Them FOX weren’t happy with how the show was looking and decided to end it before even airing it which is a shame really. I do wonder why Hieroglyph got this far if FOX wasn’t happy with it in the first place. I mean if they weren’t happy with it why didn’t they just pass on it and then let try out on another network?