Some guessing.

So here some thoughts on trailers I have seen for upcoming shows

The Flash

I think this looks good even if I didn’t watch Arrow. I’d probably of given it a chance even if it didn’t look good because I watch Arrow. That said I do worry about having a Flash show because sadly super speed may quickly run out of ways to keep it fresh. I kind of wish I knew more about the Flash’s rouge gallery as I don’t really read his comics. However I have faith currently in the show as its being done by the same team as Arrow so hopefully they’ll make this great. I am a little worried that the recent leak online may hurt the shows opening few episodes.


Not sure how long this will last ironically but the trailer made it seem pretty good. As a side note/concern I do worry how watchable this be for someone like me who doesn’t do well with gore/bloody stuff. Not that I think this show looks gory from the trailer just that the main character is a medical examiner. I do worry that the whole Immortal thing because a little stale very quickly. There wont be much of worry for this characters survivability each week it might get to the point of why am I worrying about this character if he cant really die or be harmed in anyway. Its one of the reasons why undead heroes are more interesting then immortal heroes is because at the end of the day they can die…sort of so you as the viewer can easily worry about their safety as it were.


Again might not last a full season or if it does might not be picked up beyond season 1. The show itself looks interesting but I wouldn’t take it to seriously content wise. I not sure if its trying to be a serious show but I don’t think it looks like it is. Likelihood is that this one of those shows that’s just fun to watch but you’ll probably never lay awake at night wondering how something works out in the end.


Might be a show that works as long as they find interesting plot lines that don’t make  us want to scream “GET TO BATMAN ALREADY”. So I have some issues with some of the villains from Batman being in this. Some of them don’t really come about until Batman shows up like for example the Joker. Its all good and well getting to know them before they become the villain icons that they will become but after a while either you like them so much now that you would want to delay them becoming the villains they will be which would work in the shows favor or once again it will be a case of bring on Batman so we can make them interesting already.


Which is just a remake of Broadchurch. I mean if you liked season 1 of Broadchurch you’ll probably like this even if it is a remake. I mean I am a little worried that this is a remake and on Fox that it will be cancelled like most other remakes. However if it can keep all that was good about the original and maybe add just a few tiny changes to keep it fresh. Otherwise whats the point of remaking this when its only just a year old over here and even has David Tennant playing the same character so it might as well be a carbon copy if they don’t make slight changes. Anyway that said the remake looks good but I will say David Tennant should drop the “American” accent as its just out of place here. Though on that note I hope this role help him break into American TV more.

Marry Me

Now I have to say I don’t think this one will last more then one season and maybe not even the full season run of the show. So why did I even mention this one here? Because I thought it looked funny from the trailer and I have to say that was a rare thing for me to do for some of these “comedy” shows. Beyond that though I dont think this needs a full season to tell the story especially with a name like “Marry Me”.  Its a nice story and i hope it lasts but I just cant see why it would need to after watching the trailer.

A to Z

After seeing the trailer….I got to say I did somewhat like it and it made me smile but I never laughed at anything in the trailer. I couldn’t help but think this wont last long because honestly I don’t think this show will work as well as a series. It would work better in my opinion as a movie and even then it wont be anything special. One thing really did bother me about this trailer that took me out of it was that Katey Sagal is narrating this for some reason. I’ve got nothing against Katey Sagal but it just seems like an strange thing for someone like her do and I kind of hope they drop her from that role. Now will this show last….I so wish it would if only to see more of Cristin Milioti but so far with the lack of anything that made laugh out loud (or as the young people call it lol) and like I said felt this would work slightly better as a movie I just cant help think this wont last more then one season.

State of Affairs

The full title really should State of Affairs and the return of Katherine Heigl. I haven’t got much to say on this one. I mean I didn’t like it myself but maybe this one of those shows that I’m the odd person out on which happens…a few times. I mean there isn’t anything here that I shouldn’t like about this but for some reason I just don’t like this. However I think other people will like this show enough and so I think this one will last a little while. From what I can tell story wise this could be a show that lasts a few seasons depending on how they touch certain stories. However if they don’t come up with fresh ideas quickly this could just burn out quickly.

The Mysteries of Laura

The Mysteries of Laura and the second return of Debra Messing. Now we all know what happened to her first return with “Smash” and to be honest I’m not sure why people thought that one would be better because Steven Spielberg was behind it somewhere. I mean anyone who knows me knows how I felt about Terrible Nova…I mean Cr*p Nova…. I mean..Ugh lets just get back on topic. Going into the trailer of “The Mysteries of Laura” I had no thoughts one way or another after reading the synopsis for the show and you know what I’m kind of glad I watched the trailer as it was that rare thing here kind of funny. Ok not burst out laughing funny but enough to put a little more then just a smile on my face afterwards. When I heard Debra Messing was playing a detective I couldn’t help but think “what?” but now after seeing the trailer its more Debra Messing playing a mother who happens to be a detective I actually get it. So will this last….yeah if the trailer isn’t just the best bits and it doesn’t take itself to seriously then I can see this last more then one season. Will it be on for years….not sure yet only time will tell I guess. That said if the trailer is just the best bits then this wont last more then a few episodes.


My thoughts… well actually not sure how to judge this one. For one thing I’ve never read the comics for which this one is based on and second ghost shows haven’t really been my thing. However putting all at that aside I actually don’t mind the look of this at the moment. I mean nothing scared me about content of the show which if that was the trailers aim then it failed on that part I suppose but this looks kind of cool. Oh and unlike some of the “comedies” I’ve seen from this years lot  this one actually made me laugh in two places.  Will this show last….honestly I need to see the first episode before I could predict this shows fate. I know that should be true for any of these shows I’m somewhat reviewing but sometimes all I need is a trailer to get the feel of the show and that can normally tell me on way or another. Also with “Constantine” I’ll still wait to hear what fans of the comic have to say about how correct or wrong this show is. I have heard some fans of Constantine say they like the look of this but I’ve also heard some fans say they liked Keanu Reeves better in the film version.

Madam Secretary

You know…I probably wont watch this one but not because I don’t like the look of it but rather I wont be able to understand whats going on. It actually looks good if I liked shows like this. Sadly I just find them boring but I’m sure my parents would like this one and on gut feeling I think this one might last at least 2 seasons from the trailer alone so likely hood I’ll sort of know what will have happened in it on way or another.

Bad Judge

I thought this looked rubbish. None of it looked funny for this comedy and the acting just feels awkward. I don’t know maybe someone somewhere will find this funny but I do know I certainly didn’t. So would I cancel it? Probably from this trailer alone; will it? Well that’s hard to say just yet but I kind of think it might be. This is also one of two shows that Will Ferrell is producing and honestly the second one doesn’t seem any better then this so I wouldn’t hold my breath on either. The other show is called Mission Control and though there hasnt been a trailer for it yet it doesnt sound good from the synopsis and the fact that Michael Rosenbaum dropped out of this (which would of been the only reason I watched) doesnt give it good chances in my book.


Or as it should be known as “My fair Lady”. Now to be fair I wasn’t sure how to feel about Karen Gillan getting a show as anyone who knows me should know I hated her in Doctor Who. That aside the trailer seemed okay i guess. I certain like just about anything with John Cho in and he didn’t disappoint in this. I do worry that one again content wise I don’t really see why this needs more then one season to tell its story. Again a couple of episodes would do it to get its message across or even just a TV movie like I kind of feel for a lot of this new shows like for example “Marry Me”.

The Last man on Earth

So as you might of guessed from the title the show is about the last man on earth. That’s it… really its the simplest show title and synopsis I’ve ever seen. The funny thing is I didn’t think I’d have a lot to say on this yet I do in fact have a lot to say about such a simple show. Its never explained in the trailer what happened to everyone else on earth or how the how the last man on earth survives. All we got to see in the trailer is him living his “normal” life after whatever happened doing things that would normally get said person in trouble had there been people. A show with an idea like this could be good if they can explain how/why this is the last man on earth or if they can show there are other survivors on the planet that this man ends up finding. Otherwise this show wont last long as after a while if its just this one guy it will quickly become boring and then you might not care that he’s the last man on earth.

The Whispers

Oh god this show looks terrible and I say that was an understatement. The idea of that these kids have imaginary friends that make them do bad things is already pretty cr*ppy. The fact that these imaginary friends are from what I can tell aliens who are using the kids to take over the earth is already worse. The fact that in the trailer we see one kid telling her imaginary friend the password for her dad’s computer that has some kind of….I don’t know some sort important thing or another for the country….anyway the point I was going to make was why was the password for this computer so easy and too why on gods green earth would you even tell your kid such an important password? That just blows my mind that this was even thought up as likely. This show just looks rubbish no matter how you look at it and I really don’t think this will last at all. If it last more then a few episodes I’d be surprised.


As a great man once said (in Doctor Who I believe)”…what?” . Seriously this makes The Whispers seem great in comparison. So a woman who spends a year in space alone gets pregnant in a Jesus kind of way, when she returns home she is questioned by those who she works for about some missing footage from her time in space and then she has to find a way to explain to her husband that shes pregnant. Oh and did I mention they have a robot son….yeah a robot son I’m not kidding. Now the Robot son seems to be acting odd for some reason you know as they do at that age….really this got passed a testing stage of development? Seriously someone some where looked at this and thought this was a good idea for a show? I dont really see this lasting more then one season if it even lasts its full episode run I’d be surprised.